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Calling on all Boss Babes who are ready to Build your Empire… literally.

Let's lay the foundation for your Legacy & Design your Kingdom 


I’m not talking about those things that happen when you fall asleep. I want to know about the dreams you have when your awake. I want to know your BIG dreams. I want to know your deepest fantasies for your life. Every single detail. That’s the beacon that we are going to head towards together as we develop your lifestyle brand identity.


We are going to dream awake & have some fun with this thing called creative energy.



Within this container we will...


  • Flow through an Interior Design process to elevate your space & create an environment that is in alignment with your highest intention for your life

  • Dive into your desires & innate gifts to lay the foundation for a lifestyle brand that is completely authentic

  • Integrate fundamental tools to support more ease, creativity, balance & productivity in your business flow

  • Define the creative details for your lifestyle brand from color aesthetic, vibe, brand mission, personal style & target audience identity 


We are going to DESIGN your Queendom & Literally BUILD your Empire




This is about designing your personal legacy. What do you want to leave for generations that come after you? How would you like to INFLUENCE the culture?

Let's work intimately in this co-creative container to bring your vision to life.



Creativity is all about chemistry. The next step is to introduce yourself! Send me a quick e-mail and tell me what you are most inspired about diving into with this mentorship! I can't wait to meet you QUEEN!


The Fundamentals


Each container will be curated to the individual client's needs. Some of the elements that will be covered are:




  •  Personal Space, Style & Lifestyle

  • Develop a design aesthetic & authentic to your VIBE 

  • Create daily rituals in your space that keep you aligned and inspired

  • Clear out any clutter and create space for the NEW


  • Develop Brand Mission & Intention 

  • Learn how to infuse your brand with authentic Creativity

  • Finding productivity flow that has a balance between work/life goals

  • Get Clear on BIG vision


  • Physical Branding -   Business cards, Personal style, Lifestyle choices

  • Digital Branding -     Social Media Aesthetic, Website, Logo ect.

  • Audience Branding -  Creating Client Avatar      


In addition to all the juicy creative details that we are going to work through, we will deep dive into strategy to level up your business. I will give you all of my entrepreneur hacks for keeping your brain organized and how to lay a strong foundation for your business to thrive off of. The lists are endless when you are building something from scratch so we will create a formula that gets you into a flow of productivity with ease that is manageable and effortless.


I love a good business jam session so we will most likely dive into boss babe mode from time to time.


This mentorship will be a blending of structure and creativity. We will utilize fundamental tools to build a foundation for your business & design your lifestyle while also letting your brand progress organically. These things tend to evolve on their own and I find the most magic in my business happens when I leave enough room for spontaneous moments of genius.



Is it going to be all roses and butterflies? Yup. No, but seriously we are going to have lot’s of fun & we are also going to put in work. I’m not talking about the 9-5 kind of work that you just left behind. I’m talking about Beyonce world tour work. I’m talking about fully investing your energy, all in, committed to your life in every moment work while having the MOST fun ever.


Have I intrigued you yet? Are you ready to start heading towards those BIG dreams ? And build them brick by brick laughing and dancing the whole way?

If you are bursting with excitement right now and ready to start like yesterday, I would love to meet you. The most important thing for this container to be successful is for us to have the ultimate chemistry. We are going to be in an intimate co-creative container and its going to get real. We are going deep and making BIG magic together.


So, if you are already all in, I invite you to introduce yourself with a quick e-mail at

or click the link to Apply below


Mentorship Details

This is an exclusive high level mentorship program limited to be completed over a 3-month duration.

During this container we will immerse deep & you will receive:

✔ Lifetime access to the High Vibe Interior Design Course   ($222)


 3x  30-minute Design Consultations calls    ($150)

        Consultation calls will be conducted via Zoom 

 20 Interior Design Hours  ($3,000)

 6x 50 min 1:1 calls  ($540)

(Unlimited communication via e-mail/text)

 20 Brand Design Hours ($3,000)

High Vibe Interior Design E-book ($22)

Total Value $6,934

Current Price $2,222

*payment plans available


3- Month Container Structure

Month 1: Dream Phase

The first month is the Dream phase. We are going to focus on clearing your space and dive into an interior design process to get your immediate environment feeling good. As we go through the design process we will look at your lifestyle intentions and personal brand mission; start to develop the vibe & create your aesthetic.

Month 2 : Creation Phase


The second month will be dedicated to overhauling your business brand identity and start laying the groundwork. This will include new product development, strategy for launching, content creation, updating aesthetic details on all web platforms & developing a clear voice to target audience. In addition to a creative processes we will set - up necessary platforms to monetize & create clear income pathways.

Month 3: Launch Phase

Our last month together will be focused on finalizing details. We will get into the nitty gritty to make sure every detail is clear and true to your authentic brand identity. Any offers created during this container will be prepared to launch & we will finish up the interior design project in your personal space!





It is time to design a life that you love. To build your Empire and leave a LEGACY behind that is grounded in your truth & bliss. 

I can't wait to Dream BIG with you & Design your Queendom


    love the life

                 you design                                                  

Have more questions? We would love to connect with you. Reach out to us directly at

**Please shop consciously as we hold a strict NO REFUND Policy on all Tia G Design Offerings** 

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